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How does the cross-border reconciliation mechanism affect China?

On August 7, 46 countries including China, the United States, India, South Korea and many ASEAN countries attended the meeting in Singapore and signed the "Singapore Mediation Convention" to effectively deal with international trade disputes and commercial disputes. Representatives of another 24 countries attended the signing ceremony and related meetings.

How to keep a good mood when rejected by customers every day?

Usually, some customers’ reaction to something they don’t understand is rejection, and rejection is a habit for him; some customers’ rejection is often a normal reaction that requires further understanding of your product, although this It seems to be suffering to you, but for some customers, it is indeed a "camouflage resistance" that was breached by someone's psychological defense.

5 questions about samples

In international trade, in many cases, whether an order can be traded and whether the buyer approves of your product, as the only way, samples play a decisive role in it. Today, we will focus on the five most common problems of the sample.

The second Shanghai International Professional Wear Expo 2014 was a complete success

The 2014 2nd Shanghai International Professional Wear Expo, co-sponsored by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce, China Professional Wear Industry Association, and Lingshuo Group Holdings Co., Ltd., successfully concluded on June 14 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. Thanks to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Department of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Textile Industry Federation, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Apparel Industry Chamber of Commerce, China Occupational Wear Industry Association, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations, Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics, and everyone Great support from buyers, exhibitors and media friends.

Why enter the mobile Internet?

1. The impact of tablet PCs on mobile e-commerce In 2011, tablet PC users became the main force in e-commerce consumption. Adobe company surveyed the sales data of 150 e-commerce websites, the average order from the tablet computer is 123 dollars, and the average order from the desktop computer is 102 dollars. The survey also pointed out that the age of tablet users is roughly distributed in the 18-34 age group, among which 29% of users have annual income of more than 75,000 US dollars, which has brought a lot of money to retailers. 2. Consumers have a stronger desire to buy when using mobile devices. Studies have shown that the length of keywords provided by consumers for web searches using Android and iPhone is twice that of desktop searches. This is mainly due to the poor search experience on mobile devices compared to desktop search. When users use mobile phones, they are more focused and can obtain more accurate information. On the other hand, users are more impatient when shopping using mobile devices. After getting search results, up to 88% of users will place an order within 24 hours. This is very instructive for e-commerce websites. The web page can provide brand-related content, community interaction or more advanced search methods. But for the mobile terminal, the form must be concise and clean and exclude irrelevant information, so that users can make quick decisions. 3. The click-through rate of search ads from mobile devices The click-through rate of search ads is a very important indicator that can reflect consumer intent. A high click-through rate indicates that users provide more valuable searches, which will ultimately bring retailers and advertisers Come more benefits. According to data from the well-known advertising agency Performics, in January 2012, the click-through rate of ads on mobile devices was 45% higher than that of desktop search. 4. Business opportunities brought by night mobile shopping Netizens are usually busy sending and receiving e-mails or using social networks during commuting hours, and night time is the most suitable time for mobile shopping. Google Mobile Ads pointed out that search requests from tablets and smartphones peaked at the same time at nine o'clock in the evening. 5. The potential of the mobile Internet has huge potential. In 2011, 30% of the traffic in social networks came from mobile devices. Among them, the number of users who used browsers and mobile applications to access social networks were 42 million and 3,000, respectively. Eight million. We should see that mobile networks and mobile applications have enough potential and markets to be tapped. Mobile networks are the door to business opportunities, and mobile applications are specially prepared for loyal customers. So for a start-up service with a small user scale, doing a good job in the mobile network (browser-based Web service) is the top priority. With the improvement of brand awareness and user scale, the development and operation of mobile applications will be emphasized.

Control this well, and you will not be afraid of a trade war

When it comes to entering the North American market, most sellers think of the United States. In the face of the recent turbulent Sino-US trade disputes, many cross-border sellers who are mainly engaged in business in North America are worried...In fact, Canada in North America is also a well-known trading country. The local people are not only in their consumption habits and shopping categories. Shanghai is highly similar to the American people, and their acceptance of cross-border shopping is even higher than that of the United States, especially Chinese products are very popular in Canada. Therefore, for Chinese sellers, if they are bothered by rising U.S. tariffs, it is better to test the Canadian market, so that not only the market experience accumulated in the United States can come in handy in Canada, but also compared to other new markets, the market here The risk is also much smaller. Therefore, today I want to take you to talk about how to use Neweqg Canada Station to seize market opportunities.

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