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Control this well, and you will not be afraid of a trade war

When it comes to entering the North American market, most sellers think of the United States. In the face of the recent turbulent Sino-US trade disputes, many cross-border sellers who are mainly engaged in business in North America are worried...In fact, Canada in North America is also a well-known trading country. The local people are not only in their consumption habits and shopping categories. Shanghai is highly similar to the American people, and their acceptance of cross-border shopping is even higher than that of the United States, especially Chinese products are very popular in Canada. Therefore, for Chinese sellers, if they are bothered by rising U.S. tariffs, it is better to test the Canadian market, so that not only the market experience accumulated in the United States can come in handy in Canada, but also compared to other new markets, the market here The risk is also much smaller. Therefore, today I want to take you to talk about how to use Neweqg Canada Station to seize market opportunities.

In the second half of the year, the peak season traffic play of each platform will be revealed. How should sellers face it?

No matter which platform it is, traffic is a must for every seller. Especially in the peak season, in the "more monks and less meat" traffic competition, sellers want to seize more market share, the flow of play is the key to their success or failure.

Alibaba's new version of smart editor, are you using it?

Is the new version of Alibaba's smart editor easy to use? Not much to say, let me introduce it to everyone~

Ten trends in e-commerce in the next five years

E-commerce has faced a huge turning point in the past year: 1. Taobao, led by Ma Yun, and JD, Yihaodian, etc., which are physical e-commerce companies with products as the main form; 2. Tencent, led by Ma Huateng , And Meituan, etc. These service-oriented e-commerce companies take services as the main form. The first trend is mobile shopping. Everyone knows that at the end of last year, mobile phone users had reached 500 million, while PC users were 590 million, and the penetration rate of mobile phones was growing much faster than that of PCs. In other words, in 2017, mobile phone users will surpass PC users, which means that the main battlefield of e-commerce in the future is not on PCs, but on mobile devices. However, mobile users have many characteristics. The first purchase frequency is higher and more fragmented. The peak of purchase is not in the daytime, but in the evening, weekends, and holidays. Mobile shopping will revolutionize PC e-commerce. We must prepare for this new revolution. To do a good job in mobile shopping, you cannot simply move PC e-commerce to mobile. Instead, you must make full use of the characteristics of this mobile device, such as its scanning characteristics, images, voice recognition characteristics, sensor characteristics, and geography. The features of chemistry and GPS, these functions can truly bring mobile to millions of households. The second trend is platformization. You can see that major e-commerce companies have begun to have their own platforms. In fact, the truth is very clear, because this is the process of making the most of their own traffic, their products and services, and because they have a platform, they can use all The resources of society make up for the richness of their own products, increase the richness of their own products,

Brief Discussion on Brand Positioning of Children's Clothing

Market segmentation has become a key factor that cannot be ignored in modern marketing. The in-depth cutting of the market enables the company to more clearly define its own positioning, so that the entire marketing can form a strong synergy. The initial segmentation of the apparel market has formed men's wear, women's wear, and children's wear. And companies often need to subdivide on this basis.

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