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5 questions about samples

5 questions about samples

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-02
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(Summary description)In international trade, in many cases, whether an order can be traded and whether the buyer approves of your product, as the only way, samples play a decisive role in it. Today, we will focus on the five most common problems of the sample.

5 questions about samples

(Summary description)In international trade, in many cases, whether an order can be traded and whether the buyer approves of your product, as the only way, samples play a decisive role in it. Today, we will focus on the five most common problems of the sample.

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:Lily
  • Origin:Foreign trade skills
  • Time of issue:2021-03-02
  • Views:0

  In international trade, in many cases, whether an order can be traded and whether the buyer approves of your product, as the only way, samples play a decisive role in it. Today, we will focus on the five most common problems of the sample.

  Question 1: Sample classification

  According to business practice, the fulfillment of an order generally requires the supplier to prepare at least two samples, one is the pre-production sample and the other is the confirmation sample. In many cases, after order production is completed or in the middle of production, it is necessary to prepare large samples for customers. These samples are explained separately here.

  A Pre-production sample: It can be a sample confirmed to the customer before production, it can be a detailed sample after confirmation, or a similar product used to confirm the quality of the customer.

  B Confirmed sample: After the customer confirms the sample, mass production must be done in full accordance with the confirmed sample. Under normal circumstances, when doing confirmation samples, at least two or more should be done. One is sent to the customer for confirmation, and the other is kept in the company’s sample room. Once the customer confirms, he will produce bulk goods according to the samples in his hand.

  C large sample: once the customer returns the order, you can do it by comparison.

  D prototype: Simply put, it is a confirmation sample made according to customer requirements without a mold. Once confirmed, Dahuo will make a formal mold according to the confirmed sample and complete the production.

  Question 2: Sample fee, express delivery fee issue

  About the sample fee and express delivery fee. This is a tricky problem, I believe every foreign trade salesperson will encounter it every day. If you don't send samples, many customers will refuse to discuss further, which will lose many opportunities for successful cooperation. If, in order to show sincerity, samples are sent to customers for free, the customers will be very happy at the time, but often there is no news for a long time after receipt, and the test results will not be given. It may be nothing like this once or twice, human nature. But the more times, your boss will definitely have opinions.

   Send samples efficiently! Customers can neither hesitate to send samples for free immediately if they want samples, nor can they be excessively "stingy" and demand that customers take full responsibility. Generally speaking, the first time a customer cooperates, it is necessary for both parties to cooperate and understand.

   Generally, according to the value of the sample and the level of freight, there can be the following different solutions.

  A The seller shall bear the sample fee and courier fee.

   Generally, sending free samples is absolutely nothing but nothing. Therefore, if you want to send samples for free, you have to communicate with your customers in depth, or you can feel his sincerity before you take this approach. For example: He called several times in succession to ask about product information, product quotations, etc. (Of course, the premise is that the sample value is not very high) At this time, you can consider sending samples to customers for free. But if you only use e-mails or tools like Tradelink, unless you really follow up for a long time and you have the intention to cooperate with each other, most of the free samples will be of no use.

  B The seller bears the sample fee, and the customer bears the courier fee.

   In this case, generally the value of the goods is not high, and the sample value is relatively small (sample fee < shipping), and the sample fee can be waived. But the freight must be paid by the customer. Generally, customers who are reluctant to pay this amount of freight will basically have no sincerity to cooperate with you. We send samples and your shipping charges are reasonable. It's said that we must cooperate for a win-win situation!

  For example:

  Dear Sir,

  We will arrange the free sample immediately 1-2 pc each.In order to arrange shipping in time,pls kindly advice your courier account.Your kind understanding will be appreciated.

  Best regards,


  C The customer bears the sample fee and courier fee.

   In this case, the value of the goods is generally high, and the freight is also more expensive. You can tell the customer that the sample value is relatively large, and the express delivery fee is also more expensive. I hope that the customer can bear the sample fee and express delivery cost.

  For example:

  Dear Sir,

  Regarding sample,it is our pleasure to arrange sample as requested quantity to you.It will be a good way&chance to establish our cooperation.However the sample cost need be charged.It is not mean to earn money but it is our company policy to show customers\'sincerity of cooperation.All our customer do not mind this cost and accept it.Pls realize our position and understanding us.

  Best regards,


  D The customer bears the sample fee, and the seller bears the courier fee.

   In this case, the value of the sample is generally higher (sample fee > shipping), and it is generally not sent for free. But you can consider shipping charges for customers. This not only guarantees the company's interests, but also reflects the company's sincere attitude to serve customers. This is also a win-win approach.

   can also be dealt with differently according to the target customer level and nature classification.

  A is for new customers.

  A1 can first evaluate the customer’s situation and the expected order quantity. If the cost is not high, you can consider your own digestion. If you cannot afford it, you can discuss with the customer to bear all or part of the cost.

  A2 formulate the company's sample policy (hard). Any customer is charged for courier fees or sample fees. But promised to deduct this fee from the total value of the purchase price when the customer places an order in the future.

  B For old customers, important customers.

   As long as the sample fee is not large, it should be borne by the supplier. If the sample fee is high, you can discuss with the customer and ask the buyer to bear the sample fee or part of the sample fee, but at the same time, it should be noted whether it can be refunded if the customer places an order. Or when the order reaches the quantity, it can be fully refunded.

  C According to the special requirements of some customers, we customize samples.

  The customer bears the sample fee and the express delivery fee. At the same time, the customer should bear the miscellaneous expenses incurred by the customer: plate making fee, operation fee, packaging fee, etc.

  Question 3: Details that should be paid attention to when sending samples

   First of all, we must understand: No one will pay attention to things that don’t need money! Only when the money is spent, the customer will pay attention and understand, so as to increase the opportunities for cooperation.

   So it is recommended to contact the customer as much as possible before sending the samples, such as confirming the address, faxing him the receipt when sending, and tracking the mail and feedback to him by E-mail. The content is concise and the customer is more concerned about us. impression.

  Secondly: learn as much as possible about the company's strength and business scope, and learn about him through other customers! At the same time, let the customer know that you have friends you know on his site, and strengthen the relationship!

   Again: Contact the customer frequently, recommend to him as soon as there is a new product, I hope he can support your business, you give him a good price, I hope to place a trial order, the quantity is up to him!

   If you reach an agreement with the buyer, if the sample fee and express freight are negotiated, the following points should be paid attention to when sending samples:

  1. It is best to provide relevant sample labels to customers when sending samples. Including: supplier name, contact person, telephone number, email address, sample description, outer box information, hs code, fob price.

  2. After the sample is sent, the customer shall be notified of the time of the shipment and the courier number for easy inquiry.

  For example: Samples already picked up by DHL express with tracking#552 321 568.Pls log on to track its location.

  3. Track when the customer signs for the receipt, the customer signs for the receipt and asks whether the customer is satisfied with the sample, where it needs to be improved, and whether it needs to be re-proofed.

  I personally suggest to put a sample evaluation form SAMPLE EVULATION (similar to Taobao after-sales information questionnaire) to the customer before sending the sample, so that the customer can score and evaluate, and understand the level of their samples and where they need to be improved.

  Question 4: If you want to charge the sample fee, the customer did not follow up, how to follow up

  A takes the express delivery fee as the entry point:

  Dear Sir,

  I learned from shipping department that DHL would give us a favorable discount,only USD30 for the sample delivery to your place.

  You may choose to transfer the freight in advance to save your cost.What do you think?

  Look forward to your advice.



  B takes the sample fee as the starting point:

  Dear Sir,

  I hope you have received my previous mail below.Is there any question I haven’t figured out?

  Poland is a good potential market and we really wish to explore it with your joint effort.

  Today I talked with my boss and got his approval to refund the sample cost in the first order.

  This is our special service only for you.Look forward to your comment.



  C takes the market as the entry point:

  Dear Sir,

  Haven’t got your comment by far.Hope everything is going well.

  Christmas promotion is around the corner.It usually takes 3-4 days from sample approval till mass production delivered.

  To launch the product in time before this big season,it’s better to get everything ready by XXXX.

  Pls advise what we should do with the sample. We are still waiting for your confirmation on the PI and your courier account.



  D takes the sample progress as the starting point:

   If the sample fee is not charged, I want the buyer to send the freight. If the sample production time is not long, no matter whether the sample is really READY or not, you can tell the customer that the sample has been completed. Maybe the buyer will take a look. The stuff is ready to be sent, so let me take a look again.

  Dear Sir,

  Sample is ready now.Pls advise your courier account and we will send it out immediately.




  1) The above plan can be adjusted according to your own situation

  2) The follow-up method is not limited to e-mail. If necessary, telephone communication is still a very important issue

  5: Analysis of the reason why the customer does not reply after receiving the sample

   Many times, samples are free of charge, and the courier fee is also paid. Customers will be rushed when they want samples, but they often ignore you after receiving them, and there is no more information. There are roughly the following situations:

  1. For a trader, he is not an end user, and he wants to provide it to his customers. This sample is sent to the end customer for trial, and he has not received any news or orders. In this case, the customer should be urged regularly.

  2. The other party is a shop. He just needs to buy your samples and show them to customers in the store, and he will find you only if they have an order.

  3. After receiving the samples, the customer may be dissatisfied with the quality and style, so that he will ignore you.

  4. The sample test takes a long time. Such as textiles, there may be tests or component inspections, etc., while electrical appliances have related certifications, etc. This requires a process. Especially for chemical products, some tests may take as long as one year or even several years.

  5. The customer just wants to collect samples. They have found a better alternative or put your samples in their archives to collect data. They have found excuses for prevarication. There is no hope.

  6. The sample may be satisfactory, but the relevant conditions are unsatisfactory.

  When you encounter such a thing, you must be patient. It is best to have an order. If not, it is normal. Efforts should be made to follow the situation of the guests in order to achieve good results. If you are unsuccessful this time, it does not mean that there is no hope. You should always keep in touch and communicate with customers.



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5 questions about samples [ 2021-03-02 ]
In international trade, in many cases, whether an order can be traded and whether the buyer approves of your product, as the only way, samples play a decisive role in it. Today, we will focus on the five most common problems of the sample.
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