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Brief Discussion on Brand Positioning of Children's Clothing

Brief Discussion on Brand Positioning of Children's Clothing

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(Summary description)Market segmentation has become a key factor that cannot be ignored in modern marketing. The in-depth cutting of the market enables the company to more clearly define its own positioning, so that the entire marketing can form a strong synergy. The initial segmentation of the apparel market has formed men's wear, women's wear, and children's wear. And companies often need to subdivide on this basis.

Brief Discussion on Brand Positioning of Children's Clothing

(Summary description)Market segmentation has become a key factor that cannot be ignored in modern marketing. The in-depth cutting of the market enables the company to more clearly define its own positioning, so that the entire marketing can form a strong synergy. The initial segmentation of the apparel market has formed men's wear, women's wear, and children's wear. And companies often need to subdivide on this basis.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Origin:Linda
  • Time of issue:2019-01-24
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  Market segmentation has become a key factor that cannot be ignored in modern marketing. The in-depth cutting of the market enables the company to more clearly define its own positioning, so that the entire marketing can form a strong synergy. The initial segmentation of the apparel market has formed men's wear, women's wear, and children's wear. And companies often need to subdivide on this basis.

   For the children’s clothing market, children’s clothing covers all clothing for the 0-16 age group. According to age group, it can be broken down into baby clothes, toddler clothes, small children's clothes, middle children's clothes, big children's clothes, youth clothes, etc. Judging from the actual operating conditions of the domestic children's clothing market, the development of my country's baby, toddler, small and middle-sized children's clothing has begun to take shape, with obvious industrial levels, with their own leading companies, and a relatively large number of brands. Big children's clothing and youth clothing are relatively weak, especially youth clothing, which is almost replaced by adult casual clothing. This is just the reality of my country's children's clothing market in the market category.

   Going deeper, through the statistical information of the authoritative department, we can find that the development of the domestic children’s clothing market is polarized. On the one hand, the price of good quality products is higher, and on the other hand, products with low prices are in workmanship and style. Not up to the requirements. At present, the low-end market (below RMB 100) in the mainland is occupied by state-owned and some township enterprise brands, the mid-range market (100-200 yuan) is occupied by foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned brands and some township and village enterprise brands, and the high-end market (above RMB 200) is basically dominated by imports. Controlled by brands, foreign-funded enterprises and certain domestic brands. The low-end market is dominated by sales channels and terminal advantages, and low-cost is the competitive strategy, while the middle and high-end markets are increasingly dependent on brand competition.

  As the first generation of only children gradually become the dominant family consumption, they will favor high-quality, design and brand elements in their children’s clothing choices. In addition, according to the survey conducted by Ruihong Communication Strategy Agency on the children's consumer market in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen and other cities at the end of 2006, parents have obvious memories of children's products with a large amount of advertising, and when making purchase decisions , First of all, these brands will be considered. At present, we have not found a brand that does not rely on advertising but on the terminal to get a high reputation and reputation. As a result, it has become more and more important for children's clothing companies to shape an operating model with brand as their core competitiveness.

The most important thing for    children's clothing companies to make a brand is to make full efforts in positioning. This requires children's clothing companies to conduct market segmentation based on market reality. The following introduces several ways of positioning children's clothing brands and market segments for the reference of clothing companies.

  age segment market——

  Children's clothing companies can position their children's clothing brands by segmenting the market by age group. According to children's physical characteristics and clothing design needs and consumption characteristics, it should be divided into: 0-year-old baby clothes, 1-3 years old children's clothes, 4-6 years old children's clothes, 7-9 years old Children’s clothing for children, large children’s clothing for 10-12 years old, and juvenile clothing for 13-16 years old.

  Only after locking in a certain market field can we truly understand the needs of consumers in this market segment as well as their purchasing choices and preferences. When the market reaches saturation, companies that specialize in a certain market segment can also win admirable success.

   At present, the domestic children's clothing market is lacking in the age series of 12-16 year olds, and the specifications are out of balance, especially the older children's clothing is basically out of gear. This makes wearing school uniforms and sportswear seem to be the "features" and "patents" of children of this age. The reason is that clothing for the age group of 12 to 16 years old is not easy to grasp in terms of color, fabric, style, and price. The materials used for the juvenile outfit are close to adults, but the price cannot reach the price of adult outfits. The mental state of children in this age group also has the characteristics of children. In addition, the developmental situation is very different, and there are many overweight and thin children, so the design is more difficult. Companies that lock in this children's clothing market need to have a deep understanding of the psychological state of this group, and give a positive, dream-seeking, and "sunshine" life pursuit into the brand connotation. For example, due to the monotony of wearing school uniforms for a long time, you can work hard on colors to cater to their individuality and make them have brand preferences; cater to their psychology of chasing stars and chasing trends to design clothing, etc. In addition, creating a unified atmosphere at the contact points of brand communication can also enable the brand to form a high reputation and loyalty in the market.

The    brand should become a symbol. When a company focuses on children's clothing operations of a certain age, it can create a brand recognition with clear personality and full connotation, which will take the limelight in a certain market segment.

  Personality positioning segmentation——

   At present, strong personality and self-centeredness have become the main characteristics of children. And parents are more and more respecting the opinions of children in the purchase of children's products. In this reality, positioning children's clothing brands with different personalities and market segmentation has also become a way of thinking that children's clothing companies can refer to. Children's wear companies in developed countries pay more attention to the design of children's wear. There are children's wear fashion trends at least twice a year, and they are jointly organized and promoted by professional children's wear books and magazines, professional children's wear research institutions and children's wear design masters. And Chinese children's clothing companies generally ignore the design of children's clothing, and would rather follow behind their competitors and imitate others' clothing, rather than spend money to hire their own designers. This has caused many problems in domestic children's clothing such as dim colors, monotonous styles, cumbersome decorations, and fancy collocations. In recent years, tailor-made "fairy tales on the body" for children has become the corporate mission of some children's clothing companies, especially foreign brands that pay more attention to personalized design.

   To give a clothing brand a clear and close brand personality to the heart of children requires a lot of effort in design. First, make a breakthrough in color. As the most common form of aesthetics, color is the part that first enters the eyes of consumers and has very practical significance. The positioning of the brand should be coordinated with the color, which is something that both the clothing brand manager and the designer should pay attention to. Children's clothing brands in particular need to seek personalized expression in color. Take "Ding Te Lai" children's clothing as an example. Its brand positioning lies in the "Fashion Classic" style. It reflects the feeling of eternity, cleanliness, simplicity and natural return in black and white. The nature of white and the eternity of black are changing. The unpredictable design expresses the story of childhood. Through multiple series of styles and various interesting combinations, it expresses lively, cute, unfettered and casual self-personality, and meets the psychological needs of children who want to express themselves and publicize themselves.

  Secondly, innovation in style. The style of clothing is brought about by excellent design and exquisite craftsmanship. It should fully reflect the cute, lively, and full of vitality of children, and should not be monotonous or overly adult-oriented; children’s clothing should be designed from children’s Starting from psychological needs, to discover children's favorite styles. The style perfectly interprets the new design concept of contemporary children's clothing. This not only caters to customers from the style, but also wins the favor of children's clothing consumers from the concept.

   again, create fashion “fairy tales”. Clothing companies need to fully grasp the fashion trends of clothing and even the fashion of the whole society, and find fashion guidance for their brands in the market. “Fashion” is one of the secrets of the success of the famous Italian brand “Poms” on a global scale. It combines the popular elements of the fashion industry and the characteristics of children, providing consumers with high taste and Childlike clothing. This can be a reference for domestic children’s wear brands who are aspiring to take the high-end route. After all, the high-grade children’s clothing "pays the bill" are high-grade and high-consumption parents. "Fashion" has already crossed the age in the clothing industry. limit.

   children's clothing brand with clear personality, its clothing companies can design children's clothing production lines for different age groups in a unified style, and use brand stores, shopping malls brand stalls and unified and individual brand decorations to promote sales. Of course, this way of gestating brands requires relatively large investment, and is often suitable for children's clothing companies with strong strength and focus on the mid-to-high-end market.

  Functional positioning segmentation——

  Functional children's clothing has become the main development direction of children's clothing products. Functional children's clothing includes clothing with functions such as entertainment, treatment, prevention, antibacterial, health care, and UV protection. This kind of children's clothing will be very popular in the market.

   Children's clothing made of pure natural fibers and health-care fabrics has become the first choice for parents. Some domestic enterprises have taken the first step on this point. Among them, the antistatic, anti-radiation, antibacterial, and breathable fabrics made by the "Qiaoluo" brand "Carlebel" have been gradually used by consumers. Recognized and accepted; “Parklandi” carefully selects pure cotton fabrics, carries out special shrinkage and fixation softening treatment, so that the clothes are still bright in color after washing, without changing shape.

   In addition, in recent years, the best-selling green and environmentally friendly clothing products are both fashionable and pollution-free. With the continuous improvement of material living standards, parents are paying more and more attention to the physical and mental health of children, and green consumption will become an era. The main theme.

  As green and health become the main preferences of attracting consumers to buy, the idea of ​​brand positioning based on this characteristic is also worthy of children's clothing companies to include in the strategic level of thinking. In-depth research on functional attributes and technical improvements can be made into an attitude through sublimation of packaging, integrated into the brand connotation, and its brand personality is also clearly visible. This is a way for children's clothing companies to build their brands. Companies that build children's clothing brands in this way need to conduct in-depth research and development in the functional design of fabrics, use the international market to solve the environmental problems of children's clothing and special quality requirements such as perspiration resistance and saliva resistance, and pay attention to technology. Patent Protection. In terms of brand building, it is necessary to combine corporate spirit, brand connotation, product functions and many other aspects in communication, so that the market can form a unified and noble brand connotation awareness of its children's clothing brand.

  The brand gives consumers a feeling and a result, including the brand's grade, characteristics, personality, and target consumer groups. For the phenomenon of “no clear positioning” for Chinese children's wear companies, shaping their own brands through market segmentation, personality mining, and function development is the top priority for the development of children's wear enterprises.

   To successfully build a children's clothing brand, the same thing that cannot be ignored is the detailed reflection of the brand touch points. Brand awareness and children's love to go are the main reasons why parents choose to buy places. When a clothing company builds a store, it must pay attention to the brand building of the specialty store. The decoration of the clothing store reflects the concept and culture of a brand to a certain extent rather than a sales area or display area in a pure sense. At the same time, the store must be attractive to children and bring a happy experience for them. Children's clothing companies need to have higher requirements for store decoration, prop configuration, light color, reasonable product display and matching, and cooperate with the enthusiastic and thoughtful service of shopping guides to create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers, so as to obtain consumers' product loyalty.


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