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    Job Responsibilities: 1. To understand the order information, including the placement of the surface materials of the product, and the delivery date of bulk clothing; 2. Contact the factory to understand the product launch time, contact the salesperson, feedback the factory's production situation, understand the customer's requirements and delivery date, and clarify the quality standard; 3. Track the progress of factory proofing, the progress of product delivery, the quality and progress of garment export products, and guide the garment technology, color, version, etc. according to the data; 4. Carry out quality control and random inspection of the production process at the factory site, and issue early, mid and final inspection reports; 5. Timely grasp the abnormal situation that affects the production quality and progress, report the problems in time, assist the customers in QC inspection and ensure smooth shipment; 6. The quality control of the quality process products before, during and after the cutting, production, and packaging; 7. Supervise the factory to return the sample clothes and process instructions to the company within two days after the delivery of the bulk goods; 8. Feedback on cooperative factory information, keep an eye on the dynamic changes of cooperative processors at any time, and timely feedback relevant information back to the company so that the company can adjust the processing plan of goods at any time as needed job requirements: 1. Technical secondary school degree or above; 2. More than three years of relevant work experience, familiar with the production process, production process, and quality standards of clothing; 3. Familiar with on-site management and clothing quality inspection procedures, and have rich experience in quality process control; 4. Have good professional knowledge and skills in clothing, and be familiar with the characteristics and functions of various surface materials; 5. Have a sense of guidance and management for garment factories

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